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Inspirational Women 

In 2018 we celebrated 100 years since the landmark moment that some women were allowed the vote and key figures from the suffragette movement were remembered and honoured during the year.


At Toxteth Women's Centre we wanted to mark this momentous date by looking at Inspirational women through the years; we have been reading, researching and talking about Inspirational women from Liverpool and around the world. We started reading the amazing book ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’. Then in October round 60 women had a great day at the Museum of Liverpool, finding out about 3 inspirational women who lived in Liverpool.


Sophie Field, Visitor Host from the Museum of Liverpool, did a superb job engaging the women as they looked at Mary Bamber, Agnes Elizabeth Jones and Kitty Wilkinson. 

The women loved learning and reading about these inspirational women and were fascinated by their different lives and what they achieved. We have had some great conversations discussing who our own heroines are; often their heroines were unsung family members. This has been a springboard to discuss and think about our own hopes and dreams and what we would love to achieve in our lives.

‘I’ve loved hearing the women sharing their hopes and dreams for the future. I felt honoured that they would share their dreams, as for some it was the first time they had voiced them.


The women often talk negatively about themselves and so for the women to share their dreams and dare to believe they could achieve their dreams is a huge step for them.


I love reading and honouring famous inspirational women, but the women who attend the Toxteth Women Centre are equally an inspiration to me.’

- Felicity Dobrushi Centre Manager writes

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