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Classes and Sessions run on Tuesdays and thursdays at 124 EARLE ROAD, L7 4LB

and wednesdays and fridays at Toxteth Tabernacle, Park Road

ESOL Classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

 Reading Groups

   Creative Workshops

Drama Sessions

Zumba Classes

Community Gardens

Health and Wellbeing Sessions

One to one emotional, social and language Support

Crisis Support


All classes and sessions are free, female only, and a free creche is provided.


They are designed to:


Support women to develop English language skills and confidence to use English

Raise awareness of physical and emotional health through wellbeing sessions

Enhance emotional wellbeing through connection, and being part of a community

Enhance physical health through exercise classes.

Provide a safe and positive space for processing, expression and storytelling

Practical support is also provided to low income families, including food drops, resourcing and connecting to other agencies in Liverpool.

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