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Gardening in the community 

Along with the volunteers, the women this summer started gardening using two spaces in Toxteth set up by the Granby Toxteth Development trust. It is part of their Shared spaces and places in L8 project that ‘to promote the places and spaces in the community which matter to local people’  We were given raised beds to use and grow whatever our hearts desired! 


Given the weather conditions and the time of year we started, we were limited to what we could grow, however this did not stop the fruits of our labour. After lots of hard work by our women digging, weeding and planting we could hardly stop the incredible amount of fruit and veg that came out.  

From an abundance of rhubarb to some of the largest cabbages, courgettes and squash we had ever seen. Not only did this provide many great hours of fun and relaxing gardening for the women, many of them could share their experience of farming and gardening in their home countries, which has been an incredible learning experience for everyone involved.  

The ability to provide the food to some of our families in need has been invaluable and we hope this partnership continues into the future.  

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