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TWC improves quality of life for women in Liverpool whose first language is not English, offering a wide range of support in a welcoming community. 


We support women from a variety of countries but mainly the Middle East, Asia and North African countries, countries that are hot spots for
political unrest and civil wars presently. Therefore, many of the women are either 
claiming asylum, have refugee status or are here on a visa.

The staff and  volunteers care deeply about providing a warm and supportive place where the women feel cared for, confident, and which
enhances their emotional and physical wellbeing.  


The Centre Manager provides emotional and social support, and language support on a flexible basis for issues causing stress and distress.
She supports the women w
ith issues which require significant time and specialist knowledge. 
She has more than 20 years' experience and
ledge of the asylum system, and specialist training in supporting women from ethnic minorities. 


TWC was founded by Christian women for the benefit of women of any religion. The majority of the women are Muslim.


“This place very welcoming and helpful for every women.
No difference between religion and language and skin colours. Then they will try to learn English and know everything about UK and rules. I really feel free and confident.”
“Toxteth Women’s Centre mean for me women’s small world.
I feel here like comfort, fun place for my baby and learn more English. All people here very friendly and helpful.
I like here community of many people from different country.

They support families by big donation room, they give what you need with big smile, I know it is not enough, with these words, because it a lot more at this kind place. Kind staff, listening teachers and welcoming place.” 

We are very thankful for ongoing financial support from many individuals, churches and grant-making trusts, both in Merseyside and further afield. 

Our annual returns are up to date and can be seen on the Charity Commission website here

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